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Discover health tourism in the heart of Europe

The Oder region encompasses the cross-border area near the River Oder on both the German and Polish sides. Located in the heart of Europe, the region is easy to reach by various routes. Several international airports connect it with the world. Comfortable, fast and cross-border rail connections between the major cities ensure that a visit to one city can be easily combined with a day trip to another. A well-developed rail and road network also ensures good transport connections across borders.

Berlin as the German capital and the cities of Dresden, Poznań, and Wrocław, which are also developing into metropolitan regions, are attractive city break destinations and offer a wide range of medical care with their large clinics. 

With the Baltic Sea coast and its long beach and dune landscapes in the north and the mountainous regions in the south, there are different climatic conditions with positive effects on health and opportunities for a wide range of recreational and leisure activities. 

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The extensive forest and lake areas in the central part of the Oder region offer unique nature reserves and biosphere reserves. An extensive network of hiking, cycling and water trails with the option of crossing the Oder by ferry in many places makes it possible to experience nature here in a special way.

With medical care in the clinics, many of which boast internationally renowned specialists, as well as in doctors' surgeries and rehabilitation facilities, the entire treatment spectrum can be covered by the medical facilities in the Oder region. Excellent wellness facilities are available for relaxation and recuperation during or after medical treatment, which, together with the natural climatic and scenic conditions of the region, contribute to recovery and regeneration.

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